SLIP: Surplus Lines Information Portal

Customizable, Cost Effective, Proven


SLAS has numerous benefits that will streamline compliance and filing processes for both agents and regulators and stamping offices.


SLAS is completely customizable and can be configured to meet the statutory or regulatory requirements of each state.

Faster to Market

FSLSO’s extensive experience and various training tools reduce development, testing, and implementation time.

Lower Implementation Cost

SLAS is built into a web portal which costs much less than developing and maintaining an independent system.

Proven Success Rate

SLAS has been successfully implemented in 11 states and consistently receives a 99% satisfaction rating.

Compliance Review

A RAPID module that conducts periodic reviews of all licensees to ensure regulatory and financial compliance.

Premium Reconciliation

A RAPID module that systematically compares agent/policyholder and insurer data and identifies variances in the premiums reported.

To find out more about Compliance Review and Premium Reconciliation visit our System Features Page.

SLAS is comprised of two main components, SLIP and RAPID.

SLIP (Agents)

  • Secure Login
  • User Account Roles and Permissions
  • Policy Search
  • Web Portal for Policy and Transaction Data Reporting
  • Secure Information Storage
  • Automated Tax, Fee, and Assessment Calculation
  • Electronic Invoicing and Payments
  • Access to Comprehensive Reports
  • Secure SLIP Inbox for Pertinent Notifications

RAPID (Regulators)

  • Secure Login
  • User Account Roles and Permissions
  • Policy Search
  • Automatic Identification of Transactions in Question
  • Tax, Fee, and Assessment Management
  • Date and SLIP User Management
  • SLIP Inbox Notification Management
  • Numerous Detailed Data Reports
  • Accounting Software Integration