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Surplus Lines Information Portal (SLIP)

Surplus Lines Information Portal

The Surplus Lines Information Portal (SLIP) is the web portal used by agents, direct procurement policyholders, and insurers to submit surplus lines policy data.

SLIP features include the following:

Secure Login

Access for agents, policyholders, and insurers to report policy and premium data

Security and Permissions

Security roles and user permissions that allow agents to create user accounts for staff and manage user access in the system

Data Reporting

User-friendly web portal for the reporting, review, editing, and correcting of policy data; and XML Batch filing available for high-volume users

Agent Data

Agents and insurers provide contact and licensing information that is stored and validated

Policy Data

Users submit and edit policy data, including policy number and insured name, which is validated according to the state’s data requirements

Coverage Code

Each line of coverage is configured to charge taxes, fees, or assessments in accordance with state laws

Tax Status

Each line of coverage is assigned a tax status, which indicates the taxes, fees, and assessments applicable to the specified coverage

Transaction Types

Users can report multiple transactions including new business, renewals, additional premiums, return premiums, cancellations, and reinstatements

Transaction Data

Edits to transaction data are tracked in the system to provide regulators with an audit trail

Tax Calculations

The system calculates tax liability for the agent based on the state’s laws and regulations for taxation of surplus lines premiums

Policy Search

Search for submitted policies to review, edit, or file additional transactions

SLIP Reports

Agents and insurers have access to detailed reports, including electronic affidavits, to verify submitted data and reconcile invoiced transactions

SLIP Inbox

A communication channel within the secure web portal where states can provide agents and insurers with important information and documents

Compliance Dashboard

Agents and policyholders have immediate, real-time access to compliance results